What's Healplus

Healplus is an online game for Play-based Learning of Daily Life Healthcare for teenagers, especially for high school students. In this website, teenagers can create their own games easily with using provided tools. They can choose a living environment according to their own real life to adopt type of risk they may face, they learn how to act correctly and timely in line with 1st Aid practices, a learning based on playing! Through the game, they learn what is the correct action and how to help each other online.

Why Healplus

We are using an engaging way to teach high school students how to act in an emergency situation. Current 1st aid trainings are not entertaining nor engaging and in most of cases they are forgotten very fast, so individuals can NOT take correct action when it is required. The misinformed at a higher rate would take wrong action which may worsen the situation of the injured. Healplus would like to save lives with simple actions but effective and important and in a timely manner, Specially at homes and schools where accidents and first aid are frequently experienced. Needless to say youth can play an active role and take a big step to improve the condition of injured.

About Our Game

There are three core play methods of our game which can help players learn first-aid knowledge better through playing.

Adventure Senario

The environment can be customized according to where the players actually live; in order to make sure the training is relevant to their actual surroundings.


The character of the game can be customized by player actual physical data


When their characters are facing different situation their HP and Move Speed will be declined in different ways.


We are 5 people came from 3 different countries and participates of 2019 Geneva Tsinghua Initiative (GTI) SDG summer school whom have the willing of make the world better and healthier place.