Emergency situation and accidents may occur at any time. Injuries take lives of about 4,000,000 people every year worldwide, However 59% of deaths from injuries would have been preventable had first aid been given before the emergency services arrived.
First aid is therefore a humanitarian act that should be accessible to all; with first aid skills volunteers and communities are empowered to save lives without discrimination. In case of accident it is important to take correct action timely.
However in developing countries probability of finding some one who has been trained for this purpose or who has the skills to perform an action is very low.
Through gamification of 1st Aid practices we would like to out reach more people efficiently and take a big step to realize Red Cross vision: “In the Red Cross, we all have a vision of society where we all have lifesaving skills, the confidence and the willingness to act and to step forward to help someone in a crisis. A society where everyone is ready to save a life, not just the trained few”.

Some Facts

We discovered current 1st aid trainings are not entertaining & engaging and in most of cases they are forgotten very fast, so individuals can NOT take correct action when it is required. The misinformed at a higher rate would take wrong action which may worsen the situation of the injured. Healplus would like to save lives with simple actions but effective and important and in a timely manner, Specially at homes and schools where accidents and first aid are frequently experienced. Needless to say youth can play an active role and take a big step to improve the condition of injured.
Play based learning proved to foster results of education. Some of advantages are :
- To develop empathy through play as children learn about the feelings, emotions and motivations of others;
- Engage children in dramatised play to demonstrate ways of caring and showing empathy.
-Brings joy as children share these social experiences with friends
- Develops a sense of belonging to a community
Gamification of 1st Aid can be used as a supporting material of official training and a tool to connect students and experts through the game. We hope to increase awareness and Reduces susceptibility to accident.
The game will cover 5 areas of 1st aid ( Concussion, burns, bleeding, choking and shock) and in addition will cover snake bite and bicycle accident. The game offer different environment like village , big city, outdoor etc so that one have a choice based on their life style. In addition player can log in with their ID to build a personal connection with game